Mistakes to Avoid by Having Original Medicare Only

Dealing with health insurance can be a daunting task. Thankfully, our experienced Medicare advisors are knowledgeable and here to help you navigate through all of the information available to you. Now that you are here, we can clarify some misconceptions about your availability in only having original medicare.

When you are looking for things such as supplemental coverage or a Part D drug plan, you need to know that you do not need to stop at the original medicare. There are additional coverage options that may be available to you. All together, the medicare options available to Louisiana residents are as follows: Medicare Part A, Medicare Advantage, or Part C; Medicare Part D, and Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans.

Looking into Medicare Part D Plan instead of Only Having Original Medicare Only

Medicare Part D is also known as a Prescription Drug Plan. On paperwork or online, you may see the different options within Part D referred to as PDPs. What these do is help you cover medicines through different medicare approved insurance companies. There are different PDPs available and they cover different things, but all of them provide prescription drugs to medicare beneficiaries. This helps you out significantly more than just having original medicare.

There are many different options for your Medicare Part D plans. They come with different costs and coverage. For example, the Express Scripts Medicare plan has the following plan options available to you: Choice, Saver, and Value. Even from the names, you can for the most part tell that they are offering different levels of service to meet the unique needs of their customers. The plans all cost different amounts, and some of the deductibles are different as well. Have a good chat with your doctor to figure out what medicines you will be needing to take and what Medicare Part D plan will work best for you.

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What are Louisiana Medicare Supplement Plans?

Even if you have Medicare Plan A, that covers inpatient hospital care, and Medicare Plan B, which covers doctor’s visits, there can be gaps in your coverage. These supplement plans are available to put you in a better position than only having the original medicare coverage. These supplement plans can be referred to as Medigap policies, making it easy to remember that this is the coverage that will fill in the missing gaps in your coverage. Some examples of the gaps it will cover are copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance.

Something to pay attention to with this supplement plan option is that there are better times to enroll than others. From the day you turn 65 and for the next six months, you are in what they call the Medigap Open Enrollment Period. It would be best if in that time you got this additional coverage. If you do it outside of this enrollment period, you will need to go to a doctor’s visit to have your health status approved for enrollment and your cost and coverage could be impacted by your health status.

In each parish, there can be as many as ten different Medigap programs available to you. They all have a letter of the alphabet to go with their name. If you think that you are going to move between parishes, you should note that if you are covered by a certain plan in one parish, the coverage will remain the same under the same letter plan in another parish. This will make things easier, making sure you continue to avoid the problems that come with only have original medicare.

Don’t Make the Mistake of only Having Original Medicare in Louisiana

As you can see, there are a bunch of different options to choose from, which at first may be overwhelming, but that’s were our advisors here at Medicare Advisor can assist you. No matter what, you will be better off by taking the time to figure this out instead of making the mistake of only having medicare original in Louisiana. Contact our local Medicare experts today!